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George Thomsons NHRA E SA

442 W30 pictured above in the featured flyer. George will campain this brand new ride in NHRA stock eliminator. As a seasoned veteran of stock eliminator, George Thomson has his sights set on resetting the record and being a dominant force in NHRA racing once again. His past Oldsmobile achievements speak for themself and when it comes to winning, George knows exactly who to go to for Performance Oldsmobile products. His current bullet that sits under that hood has plenty of goodies from Olds Performance Products. Olds Performance Products welcomes George Thomson.


• Boring
• Honing
• Decking
• Line bore
• Line hone
• Main cap Installation
• Main cap creation
• Lifter bore bushings
• Heavy material removal
• Custom component reconfiguration
• Sleeve Installation
• Repair

• Cylinder head Surface
• Port material removal
• Valve job
• Seat installation
• Bowl/port reconfiguration
• Manifold reconfiguration
• Guide and or liner installation
• Spring seat reconfiguration
• Integral hardware installation
• O ring and receiver groove installation
• Chamber recreation and repair

• Balancing
• Rod reconditioning
• Piston lightening
• Pin fit functions

• Engine design
• Dyno services
• Welding
• EDM wire/ram
• Custom component design
• Tuning services.