Tech Articles

Rings 02/25/04

Choosing the correct ring for the application is crucial. As a professional engine builder I would consider this to be one of the most complex areas of the entire engine build and it ranks very close to choosing the correct camshaft profile, which I would categorize as being the most important. The wrong ring combination, […]

Remote Filters Extended Lines 02/06/05

We often see this and think to our selves how cool would that be to have one or two filters hanging from the fire wall or inner fender of our engine compartment. Not only does it look racy, it seems to be the hot lick, and since I have a hopped up engine I must […]

Oil, and Just The Right Amount 7-12-04

There is some great confusion in this area, the proper oil level and how it is determined. Unfortunately the only source of information or guidelines are right in the manufactures descriptions and in most cases advertised incorrectly. Just because a manufacture rates their oil pans at 7, 8 or 9 quarts does not mean that […]

Oil mods, not just for performance 7/22/04

Oldsmobile big blocks, unlike the Chevrolets have over 13 feet of bearing material that needs to be covered at all times. Modifications to even a stock rebuild will ensure that your engine is mechanically stable under any type of situation. It is important to understand that oil is not only a means to lubricate the […]

Compression Ratio. The right choice for you. 12/23/07

Besides shear cubic inches, compression ratio has just about the greatest impact on the ability for an engine to produce torque output and horsepower. The higher the ratio the more horsepower the engine will produce, to a certain extent. In years of research we have found that these Oldsmobile engines will continue to make torque […]

Camshafts 8 01 12

The mis-conception about camshafts and what they can and can’t do. I am sure all of you have heard this time and time again that a camshaft can alter where the power band comes in on an engine. As much as we would like to believe this, it is not necessarily the truth. There are […]