Monaco King Controls conversion

My Monaco King Controls 1996 through 1998 electronic throttle conversion to pneumatic.

Suggestion first: In many of cases the RF (radio frequency) box fails that has been put into the system by Monaco. This leaves the King Control Electronic throttle controller inoperative. The RF box is approximately 2.750 x 2.750 x 1.0 inches, and black in color with two 3 wire male and female connectors. I clipped the green voltage wire after removing the RF box, then reconnected the female and male connections. By removing the RF box, it fixed the problem and allowed the King Control unit to function correctly once again. One of the 3 wires going in and coming out of the RF box signals low varying voltage TPS (throttle position sensor voltage) to the Allison transmission. It performed for two more years until circuit board and motor failure of the King Control throttle electronic box. Below, you will see pictures of my conversion to pneumatic.