461 Mega

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We start with a vintage era original Oldsmobile engine block that has been sonic checked, baked blasted and shot peened. We then install our brass core plugs and oil galley plugs. Each block recieves our ultra high strenth ARP main fasteners, a line hone, cylinder bore and hone with deck plates and a deck surfacing. This process allows the cylinder head deck surface to be in perfect alignment with the main housing bore. The short block is then fitted with a super strong high performance nodular iron crankshaft that has been shot peened, chamfered, balanced and blue printed. The short block then gets fitted with forged aluminum free floating hi-performance pistons and an upgraded wrist pin. Each piston is hung onto our high performance H beam 4340 cromolly connecting rods that are outfitted with ARP fasteners and bronze bushed on the wrist pin end. Every engine from Olds Performance Products recieves the oil restrictor kit, main bearings, rod bearings and our camshaft bearings. This short block comes fully assembled, balanced, blue printed and ready for ship.