Camshaft, Hydraulic Tappet 226-234


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Excellent choice for a slight to modified 400 engine. Moderate to heavy chop. Deep exhaust tone. Stock torque convertor or slight stall speed.  Dual plane intake such as factory, Edelbrock Performer, OLB4,  Works well with OEM valve train or roller rockers.  Aftermarket ignition will enhance horsepower and torque output. Factory exhaust manifolds acceptable. Headers will enhance engines torque output. Compression ratio 9.6-10.0. Works well with automatic transmission or manual. Gear ratio suggestion for automatic 3.42 to 3.73. Manual transmission 3.55 to 3.90

@.050 226 int.
@.050 234 exh.
Lobe separation 110
Int. Lift .490
Exh. Lift .481

Suggested lifters