Camshaft, Hydraulic Tappet 234-239-108



One of our largest hydraulic 350 camshafts. Must use true roller rocker arm with 7/16th rocker studs. Deep sound in exhaust. Heavy chop in exhaust. Suggested compression ratio 10.8 to 11.2. Dual exhaust a must, headers, aftermarket ignition. Works well with single plane intake such as Holley Street Dominator or Victor.  750 or 950 carb.  Suggested stall converter at 3500-4000.  Gear ratio with automatic 3.90 to 4.30. Manual transmission gear ratios 4.11-4.56. RPM range 3000-6500

@.050 234 int.
@.050 239 exh.
Lobe separation 108
Int. Lift .560
Exh. Lift .548

suggested lifters