Camshaft, Hydraulic Tappet 238-246



Radical profile. The largest 400-425 hydraulic camshafts that can be still run with factory style rocker arms. Additional increased power with roller tip or a true roller rocker.  Deep tone in the exhaust and pronounced heavy chop. Works well with compression ratios of 10.6-11.0. Can be used with automatic or manual transmission. Suggested gear ratio with automatic 3.73 to 4.10. Suggested stall speed 2800 and greater. Manual transmission gear ratio suggested 3.90-4.56.  Aftermarket intake, headers, enhanced ignition system suggested. RPM 3500 to 5800

@.050 238 int.
@.050 246 exh.
Lobe separation 110
Int. Lift .491
Exh. Lift .485

suggested lifters