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For years we have been working with the best in the industry when it comes to custom billet or forged crankshafts. No one has more Oldsmobile custom crankshafts running in competition than we do. Each individual crankshaft is made specifically for the application. These custom crankshafts are kept within tolerances of .0001 and made from the finest grade of 4340, 9310 and VB materials. Each crankshaft is then custom ground with generous radius in the mains and rod journals. Standard features include bullnosed lightweight counters, oil hole chamfered, pin lightened, deep nitride, micro polished and no-hole balanced to your exact engine assembly bob weight. Expect 12-14 weeks delivery time. Total crankshaft weights from 43.5 to 62.0 pounds. Stroke sizes from 3.000-4.650. Prices starting at 1875.00