Oil Restrictor Kit

$71.25 $58.50


Forget about those useless aluminum bang in restrictors that can possibly fall down when the engine gets hot. Install your oil restrictors the correct way. Olds Performance Products has designed a restrictor kit that comes complete. Four precision drilled restrictors and a custom extended reach pipe tap for making this job easy and effective. Now you have the ability to remove the oil restrictors with out hassel. The ability to be able to remove the oil restrictors is important for proper cleaning of the engine block between the cam bearings and the oil restrictors. This kit allows you to effectively achieve that without any worry of aluminum shavings coming off during the installation process. No need for drilling or special tools to get them out, a simple allen key will do the removal job just fine. Years of research and experience has determined the sizing of the hole in the restrictor. Don’t take a chance, do it the right way.