Performance Main Coated Modified Bearings

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These are the original Vandervell “V” race main bearings for the Oldsmobile engine. The “V” main bearing is commonly used in the high performance Chevrolet engine builds. The benefits of the “V” main bearing is that it can with stand much higher loads than the “P” main bearing can. Were the “P” bearing will flake, loose crush and seize in the higher HP applications, the “V” bearing will not. This is a tri-metal indium over lay main bearing that we have taken even one step further and offer a dry film coating that enhances the ability to reduce friction. Dry film coatings when hit with oil make that surface 3 times more slick than if the surface was not coated. Modifications to enhance the oil flow is also incorporated into these engine bearings.  These race bearings come in Std, .010 and .020 under.  Recommended for the small block Oldsmobile. Please specify size when ordering. Standard,  .010 or .020 under.