Piston 400, Forged .060


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A great performance replacement set of 400 pistons for the years 1968 and 1969 applications. Manufactured right here in the United States. We added performance advantages in this design. We start with a 4032 forging which has addition silicon content which helps prevent expansion and enhances mechanical longevity due to design. A quiet running design. We also redesigned the ring grooves to accept a very common and versatile ring package that not only will allow the engines coolant system to run at lower operating temperatures, but it will also free up the drag in the cylinder bore. This ultimately increases mechanical reliability, torque and HP output. Increases of 28 to 33 HP are not uncommon with this piston set.  Three critical design changes to make the ultimate 400 Oldsmobile replacement piston. This piston set includes 8 wrist pins and 8 forged .060 over pistons. Will accept a 1/16th, 1/16th, 3/16th ring package.

Compression ratio with factory cylinder heads such as  C, D, F, H, E along with the Edelbrock’s will be 10 to 1. calculated based upon a Fel Pro 8171PT1 gasket, .025 piston to deck.