Star Machine ( sportsman)

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Manufactured from 6061 T6 651 aluminum, hard anodized and Teflon coated, this vacuum pump is just as reliable as our high end pumps. Specifically designed for the bracket and sportsman racer. This pump is costeffective and will produce between 10 & 15 in. Hg. of vacuum and do it year after year. Our unique one piece shaft rotor design is proven to be lighter and more reliable than a two piece design, which is prone to fastener failure and key to keyway wear. For the intended applications as we mentioned 10-15 in. Hg. work perfectly and does not require a vacuum regulator. This pump incorporates the same quality vane material, bearings and seals used on all our high end pumps. Use mounting bracket STR04.01.004. Pump with 24T composite pulley 3.19lbs. mounting bracket 0.72 lbs.