Camshaft, Hydraulic Tappet 236-246



The largest camshaft you can possibly run with the oem rocker arms.  Moderate to heavy chop. Well pronounced in the exhaust. Suggested compression ratio 10.4 to 10.6.  Stall speed 2400-3000. Can be used with manual transmission as well. Suggested gear ratio with automatic 3.73 to 4.11. Manual transmission gear ratio suggested 3.90 to 4.30. Aftermarket intake, headers, enhanced ignition system. Can be used with factory rocker arms,  Roller tip rockers or true roller rockers. RPM range 2800 to 6000

@.050 236 int.
@.050 246 exh.
Lobe separation 112
Int. Lift .490
Exh. Lift .481

Suggested lifters