Camshaft, Hydraulic Tappet 244-256



The largest in our arsenal of Hydraulic tappets for a 455-468 combo. True roller rockers a must. 7/16th rocker studs required.  Deep exhaust tone. Heavy Chop in exhaust. Deep and loud exhaust tone. Suggested compression ratio 11.8 to 12.5. Stall speed suggested at 3500 to 4200 for automatic transmission applications. Can be used with manual transmission as well. Suggested gear ratio with automatic 3.90 to 4.56. Manual transmission gear ratio suggested 4.10-4.56. Aftermarket intake, headers, enhanced ignition system suggested. RPM range 3500 to 6200

@.050 244 int.
@.050 256 exh.
Lobe separation 113
Int. Lift .575
Exh. Lift .568

suggested lifters