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Remote Filters Extended Lines 02/06/05

We often see this and think to our selves how cool would that be to have one or two filters hanging from the fire wall or inner fender of our engine compartment. Not only does it look racy, it seems to be the hot lick, and since I have a hopped up engine I must also have those extended braided lines and filters hanging from that trick filter adapter. Right? Wrong, and here is why it is not a good idea unless completely necessary. The oil pumps offered to the Olds enthusiasts are limited, and when you really think about it there is only one internal oil pump available that fits these factory style steel performance and non performance oil pans. Custom oil pumps are available but due not pertain to your average Olds enthusiast, and their costly. Lets take a look at the factory internals, the length of the oil passages, and the size of the oil passages from the main cap where that oil pump bolts on to, and the first main bearing that the oil hits. The oil pump after the two spur gears in the oil pump sends oil through the fifth main cap passage and runs horizontally through the block, exiting out the side and into the factory oil filter adapter. This passage or run to the adapter is about six inches long, and from there it cycles through the oil filter and then back into the block for another six inches until it hits the fifth main bearing. So to wrap up an understanding, you have about 12 inches of run or what is known as an oil passage. Since the oil pump is what we call a common and really not adjustable in its volume, than by increasing the run or passage in length and size you are actually taxing that oil pumps ability to perform properly. The increased weight of the oil due to the braided line extensions and the volume of oil that it now will carry, is what will hinder the oil pumps ability to flow volume and pressure, and by doing this you are greatly reducing the mechanical reliability of your engines life. In most applications where line extensions and remote filters are used, that volume of oil weight against the pump gears and relief has increased by over 300 percent. This is not a good thing at all, and nor is it recommended unless you change the complete design of the oil pump and its engineering to offset the additional volume and weight that you now have placed on it. Even though it might look cool, think twice about what you are doing to your engine and the well being of it. The only time to extend lines off the factory engine block pad is if you have no room what so ever to get your custom or conventional headers in, and at that point I would insist that you stress to your header builder, that the factory oil filter adapter must stay in place and to please build around it. Oldsmobile Performance Products offers a variety of special re-usable high flow aluminum cartridge filters, that in almost all cases will fit and work properly with your factory block adapter, and tightest of headers.